we are nojomojo

We are the children of the past

We are today’s creators of playful accessories for kids.

Always rebels.

We are all about gender equality and limitless possibilities.

We strive to encourage young creators of today to become the powerful expressionists of tomorrow.

Once upon a time…

Surrounded by enchanted forests, in the midst of rolling fields plotted with charming little red cottages, Nojomojo was born in 2021. Our headquarters are located in the small city called Eskilstuna in Sweden, about one hour’s drive from our capital city Stockholm.

It is here, between playfulness and innovative thinking, we find neverending inspiration to continue to create for our most valuable citizens, the Nojomojos, the kids, the future. 



We believe in enhancing creativity and inspiring artistic expression in a fun and safe way for every child to enjoy. We also believe in empowering young souls with limitless possibilities so that they can start shaping their creative minds at an early age.  Our hope is that they bring their boundless creativity into the future 

– A future that is only theirs to build.


Categorizing consumer goods by gender is incredibly obsolete if you ask us – and although striving for equality is not groundbreaking anymore, it is still necessary. We try to do our part by completely omitting the notion of gender from our products. Whatever hurdles may have been put up by society in the matter, we’ll happily kick down. We believe that children should not be defined by society based on the color of their skin, their religion, their parents, or their zip code. They should just be allowed to be kids and get to decide for themselves who they want to be. 


We know and accept that we single-handedly will not be able to change the entire world in an instant, but we are hopeful that together we will be able to at least make a bit of a positive impact. With Nojomojo we’re striving to create a community, a space for creative little rebels all over the world to meet, inspire each other and unite across borders.


Kids do as we do, therefore we only work with ethical production facilities and go for the most environmentally friendly options where we can. We take responsibility for our production so that kids can enjoy chemical free creativity.