For rebels and creators

Non-toxic nail polish & Name Bracelets

A fresh brand with fresh products!

Yup, we take pride in creating kids friendly and non toxic products – for every youngster to enjoy!

First out is our wide range of water based nail polishes and just scroll down…..


/ ˈNəʊʤəʊ ˈməʊʤəʊ /

(made up) noun

noun: nojomojo ; plural noun: nojomojos

  1. child, kid, tiny creator, young rebel.

“The nojomojo was looking for a new adventure”

    • Every child is a creator. An artist. A boundless being.  At Nojomojo we invite you into the realm of limitless fun and bold creativity – the world of the kids, rebels and creators

Do it yourself, little creator!

Second out of our product range is our Name Bracelets – for all our mini creators out there!

Even though we call them name bracelets, we didn’t want to limit the bracelets to only names. Therefore Nojo Mojo of course offers the widest range of fun and different charms as well!

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